Action (in the book of Acts)!

In the book of The Acts of the Apostles, there is a lot of action.  It isn’t named “Acts” for nothing.  But at the same time, words really take the center stage.

James Montgomery Boice writes

“[The book of Acts] is only twenty-eight chapters long. But in those twenty-eight chapters [Luke] has included nineteen sermons or formal addresses: many by Paul, several by Peter, the longest of all by Stephen, the first martyr. In other words, the book is full of teaching. What this means is that the way the gospel spread in the first century and needs to spread in our time is by the faithful preaching and teaching of the great truths of the Bible. There is nothing today’s church needs so much as to rediscover the doctrine, spirit, and commitments of the early Christian community” (Acts: An Expositional Commentary, p.10).

So we would be wise to focus our time and attention most of all on the things that Luke himself emphasizes. And the sermons, speeches, and testimonies found in the book of Acts take up about a third of the entire book. What the apostles do in Acts is very important. But what they say is even more important.

The title of the book may be “The Acts of the Apostles”, but in a sense their words (the Word!) are really the primary action in the book.

The words are the action because through them the Word is in action.


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