The Irrationality of the Secular Worldview

Mike Horton on the irrationality (and impracticality) of the secular worldview:

“No one can actually live in the world that is imagined by secularism. Not even the most hardened nihilist can live in the world of pure meaninglessness that his or her narrative presupposes. In their daily practice, the most ardent religious skeptics have to presuppose a basic order and intelligibility in reality that contradicts the creed of self-creation through random chance.” (Michael Horton, The Christian Faith, p.15)

Well-said.  The daily lives of secularists themselves are, in fact,  a contradiction & refutation of their own beliefs.


  1. That’s a great quote.

    Curiously, I don’t think Horton has a reputation as a presuppositionalist — these kinds of words I would usually expect to hear from Bahnsen, Van Til, etc. Do you have any thoughts on how far down this road Horton might walk with that crowd, and where he might part ways?

  2. That’s a great question. I have read a lot of Horton’s books, but really can’t say that I have a very informed opinion on his apologetic stance. I assume (presuppose!) that he is a presuppositionalist, but I could be mistaken on that.

    I am not even close to finishing The Christian Faith yet, but from the table of contents it looks like he doesn’t really go into apologetics much. Maybe as I read through it, more quotes like the one above will jump out at me and hint at his view of apologetics.

    He quotes C.S. Lewis in the section where the above quote was found (p.18), so that might offer at least a little hint.

    1. Just a thought, but isn’t that rather strange that there’s not a lot of apologetics from Horton considering the fact that he’s the Machen professor of theology and APOLOGETICS?

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