Bavinck on the Creator – Creature Distinction

Herman Bavinck on the significance of the Genesis account of Creation:

From the very first moment, true religion distinguishes itself from all other religions by the fact that it construes the relation between God and the world, including man, as that between the Creator and his creature. The idea of an existence apart and independently from God occurs nowhere in Scripture. God is the sole, unique, and absolute cause of all that exists. (In The Beginning, p.24)

There is a God and we are not him.  We are His creatures, created by Him and for Him.  We belong to Him and are answerable and accountable to Him.

Matter (the physical universe) is not eternal, but had a starting point (a “beginning” – Genesis 1:1).  Only God Himself is without a beginning.  Everything in the universe owes its existence to God.

We must not confuse the Creator with His creation.  We are not to worship or serve creation, but rather the Creator alone.

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