Half a Savior? (J.C. Ryle on Sanctification)


holinessMany talk a good game when it comes to grace, justification, and forgiveness, but hardly ever seem to make mention of sanctification, as if our salvation in Christ did not also include that as well.

J.C. Ryle writes,

He who supposes that Jesus Christ only lived and died and rose again in order to provide justification and forgiveness of sins for His people, has yet much to learn. Whether he knows it or not, he is dishonouring our blessed Lord and making Him only half a Saviour. (Holiness, p.16)

Do we emphasize the nature & necessity of sanctification in our churches, in our preaching & teaching?  If not, are we dishonoring Christ and making Him out to be only half a Savior?

Sanctification is every bit as much a part of our salvation in Jesus Christ as justification, forgiveness, adoption, and glorification.  And that should be reflected in the preaching & teaching of our churches, as well as in our lives as Christians.


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