Boice on Theistic Evolution

Helpful words on a very important & timely topic.
(Plus I highly recommend anything written by James Boice.) 🙂

The Reformed Reader

Genesis, 3 volumes (Boice Expositional Commentary) I found J. M. Boice’s critiques of theistic evolution quite helpful.  Here’s a shortened and edited version.  You can find the entire argument in volume 1 of his commentary on Genesis (p. 52-55). 

First, there is a problem with the supposed truth of evolution itself.  The theistic evolutionist believes in evolution, as we have seen.  But evolution is not necessarily true, as we have also seen.  Indeed, there are important reasons for rejecting it.  One main reason for rejecting evolution is the lack of fossil evidence.  To be sure, the evolutionist reads the fossil record differently, seeing in it a sketchy but adequate history of the development of higher forms of life from lower forms.  But the record is at best incomplete and may, as creationists hold, actually provide better evidence for the creationist’s view than for the evolutionist’s.  As we said in the last chapter, it is not…

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  1. Dr. Boice was my pastor at Tenth Pres. for several years while attending law school in the late 70’s, he introduced me to the doctrines of grace and united me in marriage to my wife now of 32 years. A fine man, now enjoying His Savior. Also did fine work at ICBI–he resisted attempts by young earth types to write in young earth creation on ICBI material.

  2. That is outstanding! I must confess that I also spent time at 10th Pres. 🙂

    I was in the U.S. Navy for over 7 years, and in the early 90’s my ship (USS Constellation) was sent to the shipyards at the end of Broad Street for refurbishment. I attended 10th for well over a year (my entire time there). The cherry on top of the Sunday was that he was preaching through the book of Romans while I was there.

    Dr. Boice came out to San Diego to speak at Westminster Seminary CA while I was a student there. That was not too long before He went to be with our Lord Jesus.

    It was a tremendous blessing. I will always hold Dr. Boice and 10th in high regard.

    Thanks for the comment!

    1. Tenth is also thriving currently with Liam Goligher, an outstanding minister and preacher of Reformed theology after Phil Ryken. I make a point of listening to Tenth’s services on-line before church here in AZ. It’s good to see God’s continuous blessings at Tenth. We have some good memories to cherish!

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