The Biblical View of the Bible (Part 1 – Inspiration)

bible-808633_1280What do you think of the Bible? For that matter, what does the Bible say about itself? (Does it tell us how we are to think of it?) Another way of putting this question is to ask, “What is the biblical view of the Bible?” Have you ever given that much thought? It is a vitally important question to have settled, because in many ways it is foundational to everything else in the Christian faith and life.

Your view of Scripture determines how you will approach the Bible, and how you approach the Bible has far-reaching implications for practically every aspect of your faith & life.

When it comes to the biblical view of the Bible, the place to start is the inspiration of Scripture. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God . . .” (NKJV). Now, we often use the word “inspiration” to speak of a motivating force or emotion. We sometimes speak of being inspired to do something, or feeling inspired by a work of art or a beautiful sunrise. But that is not the idea that the Apostle Paul is conveying in the above verse. For all of Scripture to be “given by inspiration of God” is for it to be (as the ESV translation puts it) breathed out by God.” What do you normally do when you speak? You (among other things) breathe out or exhale, don’t you? What Paul is essentially saying there is that the Scripture (all of it!) is nothing less than the very Word of God Himself! What the Bible says, then, God says. And that changes everything, doesn’t it?

That the Bible is the very Word of God Himself means that we need to take heed to everything it says (and about whatever it speaks of). That should certainly supply us with ample enough reason and motivation to read it, study it, believe it, and obey it.

The fact that God has communicated to fallen humanity at all should astonish and amaze us. That He has not left us in the dark about Himself or about the way to be made right with Him through faith in Jesus Christ should fill us with gratitude and praise.



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